1. nossi_20v

    standard cupra exhaust

    hi all, just a quick question really! Ive got a petrol mk4 cupra, was just wondering what the standard exhaust pipe diamater is, is it just a 2inch all the way through? Thanks for any advice :)
  2. Jerry*

    What Brake Fluid Does the LCR Have as Standard?

    I'm considering changing the brake fluid on my LCR sometime soon and wondered what grade of fluid it has as standard? I've got plenty of DOT5.1 fluid left over from when I changed the fluid on my old car and I wonder if this will be okay? (and before anyone says it - no its not been opened...
  3. Radio in mk5 - ISO block not standard !!

    Hi again, Just tried to put a standard ISO SD/USB radio in my Mk5 Ibiza and found that the wiring block in the car wont fit a standard ISO radio ! I've taken pictures to show: Does this mean i'd need an adaptor of some sort to fit onto this and terminate into ISO connectors...
  4. Rear standard light

    Hi all I have searched the internet and i cannot find somewhere where i can buy a standard cupra r passenger side rear light. Someone thought it would be clever to hit it with summat a leave a crack throughout the light.[:@] If anyone knows where i can get the replacement from or if...
  5. Standard ibiza 15'' alloys catching body

    when i turn steering full lock i can hear the tyres scrubbing against the the wheel arch/chassis on the insides. i have completely standard suspension, is this normal?
  6. upgrade to standard air intake trunking

    hi all, just added a p-flo to my lc 180, just need to know what to do with the 'snorkel' it is standard at the moment, would a larger dia one be better? and what is best to use please? many thanks
  7. gazcuprablk

    standard wheels over brembos???

    this question has most probably been asked about a thousand times now i have searched but not found what info im after so.... i know they wont fit over the brembos i have on now but how big of a size spacer would i need to fit the standard wheels back on the front of my car? reason i ask...
  8. Standard LCR boost

    Hi all I couldn't find an exact answer, but what's the standard boost in psi on a lcr?? Cheers :)
  9. rsmith

    LCR Standard ride height/favour

    Hello all, I need a favour, i have risen/lowered and changed the alloys on my car so much over the past 6 months that i have no idea anymore of how much it is actually now lowered by. Could any of you LCR owners out with standard suspenion be kind enough to measure from the ground to the...
  10. marv_n69

    Standard Discs/Pads

    Hi fellow seat drivers, Anyone know how much roughly a Seat garage would charge for new standard discs & pads all round for my 54Reg LCR.......Fitted aswell ;-) Cheers peeps!!! Martin
  11. air filter,standard or upgrade?

    Hi, Looking to replace air flter, is it worth upgrading the air filter or sticking to standard. it's on a 1.4 2002 model
  12. WeeG

    How easy is it to fit BTCC exhaust to standard fr back bumper?

    This may sound a stupid question guys so bear with me. What i'm after is to make my car exclusive from the usual mods. I really fancied the BTCC body kit, but for 2k all in it is pretty expensive. What im wondering is if anyone knows of or how you would fit the bttc exhaust to the standard...
  13. Fitting New Standard Mk3 Bumper - How?

    I've had someone go into the back of me in the ice at around 20mph and has thus scratched my rear bumper. I'd quite fancy replacing the bumper myself as I'm a practical person (just have never done much with cars). A ) Could someone tell me how to take the current rear bumper off and fit a...
  14. hoggy90

    has anyone smoothed standard bumpers?

    As title, i have the 110 tdi and think it would look good smoothed and colour coded, has anyone done this before as i think it would look good? any pics? NOW WITH SMOOTHED PICS ON PAGE 2(photoshop)
  15. FR TFSI Standard intake - is this right?

    I was filling up the washer fluid today and noticed that I have a hole at the front of my intake - it looks like a cover has dissapeared somewhere... I've had a look on google and i don't think it's supposed to be there.. can anyone confirm? Ta
  16. Standard Shock Question (1.6 > Cupra)

    Asking on bahalf of Dan (he's not got access)..... Basically, he has a 1.6, and his mate has a cupra, and his mate wi cupra has offered to swap shocks over (I don't know why, so don't ask) Would 1.6 shocks fit a cupra? I'm 99% sure the answer is yes. Afterall, I had cupra shocks on the...
  17. AntneeUK

    Standard Air-Con to Climate Control

    Can't see whether this has ever been covered before or not... I have just received a new Climatronic unit for my LCR (well, I say new, one from a broken Leon) which I'll fit to my car soon because the screen is loosing LCD sections. Firstly, I'm assuming they're a straight swap? IE I just...
  18. Standard wheel/tyre size for 52 plate Cupra?

    Morning. Could someone please confirm the standard wheel/tyre size for a 52 plate Leon Cupra? (I believe 17" wheels to be standard) Also, what size tyre is needed for 18" wheels? Regards, Janners.
  19. lawrieIbizaMk4

    removing mk4 standard aerial

    yo all, im trying to fit a bee sting aerial to my mk4. when i try to remove the existing one it reaches the end of the thread and keeps spinning, guess this is an anti-theft thing, any1 know how to get it off? help much appreciated
  20. "Decatting" the Standard Cat

    Been thinking of this for about 6 months after watching a mate mess around with a Matiz he had at his garage in for repair work..... Now I know if I decat the the exhaust, I'll get the EML on (until I map it out), however, after seeing what my mate did for a laugh on a Matiz, I was thinking...
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