1. Leon Mk1 Standard Speakers

    Hi Guys - Im looking to upgrade the head unit in my 130 tdi, The sound I get out of the current set up isnt that good and has the tendancy to drift between speakers and tweeters somtimes lack any detail at all. I think its an amp problem but doesn't seem to do it all the time which is the most...
  2. A.m.C_Ibiza1

    Using MP3 player through the standard headunit?

    Found this on the main seat website! I dont think this is correct!!!!!
  3. sl1m1thy

    standard grill/gti badge

    I currently have a mesh grill for the GTI and cos they look a bit to much like a saxo for my likeing im replacing it with a debadged grill like on a fair few ive seen like orangemuffins mk2 only one i can think of atm ( was looking at his progress thread before :) ) and im looking for the...
  4. kineticz

    How did your Cupra (not R) feel to you as standard?

    Hello, For all you Cupra (180hp) owners, how did the car feel to you performance and driveability wise when standard? 0-60 is exciting but after that it dies off :( The engine sound is pretty tasty though although that's probably because I have a CAI fitted. Did you need to remap it to...
  5. Standard Brakes (pads) for Leon 1.9tdi (150)

    Hi I need to replace the brake pads on my Leon, does anyone know what the standard part numbers are for the 150bhp 1.9 tdi (2004)? I don't see any point in buying uprated pads unless anyone can recommend them making much difference? The car is basically stock although I do plan to remap it...
  6. pacm0n

    My Bog Standard FR TDI

    Shame I cant do any mods to it :(
  7. philsip

    To much standard boost?

    hi guys and gails, i had a few problems with my 130 sport ibiza, i believed that the boost reaches 1.7 bar then levels to 1.4 bar, but my turbo was replaced with a garrett 1749A turbo from a 130 golf/bora, with a forge FMIC and the EGR valve disabled and with the CC stage 2 remap turned off...
  8. blackie

    Removing remap / reverting to standard map

    Is there any easy way of reverting back to a standard map?? I have a remapped ibiza cupra, and am looking to try and stop blowing all my money on fuel. Any ideas on what is the easiest way to revert back?? im gonna guess it will be a "swap with someone" type job!!!
  9. Ibiza Sport 1.6 105PS - what standard equipment does it have ?

    Looking on the Seat website it isn't too clear what is standard on the Sport model of the New Ibiza. It says there are 3 variants, the S, the SC and the Sport. It says the SC hasCruise Control and Coming Home features as standard, and since the Sport is one up from that then i would have...
  10. Location of the Standard alarm

    Hi All, does anyone know where the main alarm control unit is sited in a Ibiza 2003 model? And has anyone had to replace one of these becuse it was faulty?
  11. Clone

    Removing standard CD player

    Done a search and didn't find 1 thread. How does the standard cd player come out? :shrug: Getting a new one tomorrow! Cheers
  12. Standard cupra bump strip question!

    Hello, Does anyone know the part number for the standard grey bump strips for the mk3 cupra. I believe they are slightly different to them on a standard mk3 ibiza. Thanks a lot!
  13. Cupra standard heated mirrors

    Hey Just wondering does the cupra come with heated mirrors as standard? I was under the impression that it would work with the electric mirror control in the centre (not on L or R) and with the rear window heater on. Nothing happens in my 07 Cupra! Any help appreciated. Cheers
  14. standard power output FR170

    i was recently on the REVO technik website and they claim that the mk2 leon FR170 puts out 191 bhp as standard :-s is this correct and im reading it wrong??
  15. Cupra Standard factory: Thatcham rating?

    I ought to know the answer to this question as the last time I did my insurance i had to find out the the factory standard alarm/immobiliser on the Mk2 Cupra Thatcham rated, and to which level? Tried a forum search but couldn't find answer...
  16. Standard Cupra Wheels

    im gettin my standard wheels resprayed on 27th December, can any1 post some pics up for some ideas for me? i was thinkin gloss black with a red lip ? or athracite grey or just gloss black. My cars silver so preff silver cars pics but any welcome. Thanks =D
  17. Razor

    Standard mk3 Security

    Been alot on the news recently on how much car thefts there are about in my area. The whole of N.ireland infact. ( Dunno bout you guys n gals across the water) but it got me thinking. How secure would my 1.4 be ? Its standard at the moment. Only factory fitted alarms/imobiliser if any)...
  18. Clutch slip on standard fr tdi?

    Is it possible to get clutch slip on a standard fr tdi? i ask only because i picked one up yesterday and it seems to slip in the higher gears when you nail it from lower down, so i presume its been remapped...
  19. Nickrobz

    Standard wheels what colour

    He peeps. I want to change the colour of my wheels. At the mo they are white on a black beeza. Im thinking maybe anthursite grey or black with a red lip. Anyone else with any ideas or which do u think out of these 2.:blink: Cheers
  20. R 20vt J

    Standard boost

    Does the standard ibiza boostat 6 psi? Has anyone ever turned up the boost without a remap? Did it cause damage?
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