help !!!going to retro fit sub amp feed from my standard head uint


seat leon mk1
right i have all the bits required and know where to put all cables just iv been searching for the picture i have seen of the labeled hu (head unit) rear connection plug for the speakers for a couple of days and im getting no where with it as want to do the mods this weekend.

so im looking for help on the speaker plug wirign schedule diagram, picture i dont care really any thing that give an indication of which wire is for what speaker on each section of the plug/connector

** what colour wires are for what speaker**

any help would be much Appreciated

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Pinout info derrived from various places on the web over the last couple of years!

All viewed into connector on head unit

Section 1 - Not all of these are available on the Aura v4 (Headphone, Telephone, External Display)
1 Not Connected
2 Not Connected
3 Headphone Out GND
4 Headphone Out L
5 Headphone Out R
6 Switched (+12V when unit is on)
7 Telephone Audio In Signal
8 External Display Clock
9 External Display Data
10 External Display Enable
11 Remote ( Not sure of its function )
12 Telephone Audio In GND
13 CD Data In
14 CD Data Out
15 CD Clock
16 +A CD (Not sure of its function but related to CD changer)
17 Switched Power to CD
18 CD Audio In GND
19 CD Audio In L
20 CD Audio In R

Section 2 Speakers
1 RR+
2 RR-
3 FR+
4 FR-
5 FL+
6 FL-
7 RL+
8 RL-

Section 3 Power
1 Speed Sense Wire
2 Telephone mute - Active low - Take to 0V to mute
3 OBD Diagnostics
4 Switched Ignition +12V
5 Antenna control (+12V when unit is on)
6 Illumination
7 Permanent +12V
8 Ground 0V


well im goign to use the exsisting conection and add a 2 rca ports from it to keep the aura head unit and cd changer,

mr ben that is perfect, i thank you. yea i had per wired in the amp power feed from the bat though the gromit using a good old coat hanger,

if any one is interested i can take pic etc and list places where i got the parts from.:)
Dec 31, 2007
Last time I tried I couldn't get the cable through the damn bulkhead, maybe I should just take it straight to the power block. I got a powerleads power cable around with an inline fuse, guess that would do the job connected to the #75 bolt in the link?


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Jan 19, 2010
I used a PC3-11 adapter by auto leads on my standard Sat Nav H/U it provides four RCA outputs and an amp 'remote' lead (+12V when HU is switched on). It plugs into the yellow slot alongside the multi changer input in the back of the stereo. Got mine on ebay.


yea i got some in phase box from car audio centre, came next day so just need to have ago again over the weekend if the weather is suitable and get another amp as found its died from being in the shed.
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