2011 Leon aftermarket head unit No Sound.

Mar 28, 2022
Hi all.
I am in a process of swapping my stock sat nav unit (pictures below)
to aftermarket Eonon android unit (pictures below).
After connecting the wiring harness all works fine but there is no sound from the speakers. My main concern is the blue wire(picture below) labelled AMP-CTYL and green wire(picture below) labelled ANT. I am not sure where to connect them to. Also after disconnecting stock head unit there is two cables, one with blue and one with black plug (pictures below). I don't know where to connect those aswell. There is no sockets in new unit to plug them in.
Below all the pictures to show what I am on about.
I hope someone knows how to resolve that issue or have any knowledge/ideas?
Any help appreciated.


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Mar 17, 2022
Hi lutek1000.
I may be wrong but on most aftermarket head units I have come across the single blue wire is usually used to signal an aftermarket amplifier to turn on, for a subwoofer for example.

The blue and black connectors look like antenna connectors to me, without those connected I would guess the radio will not work. One could also run a factory amplifier (if your car has one) and that could explain the lack of sound?

If there is nowhere to connect them it may be possible the supplied loom is not correct for your car.
Nov 21, 2022
Hi all. New here.

I bought android in Seat Leon 5f 2018. Everything works great. Canbus has connected it all and I have all the functions except the compass, which is irrelevant to me.
My problem is sound (speakers). Only the tweeters work now, although the harness is exactly for the Seat Leon and all the connectors fit. All buttons work, air conditioning works except for the main speakers. I don't have SSS, although I can see from the connector that I have a preparation for it, connectors 9-13 and 10-14.
Can something be solved via VCDS?