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Tips for removing Engine Covers! Argh

Dec 2, 2008
I don't think I have ever had a car where it takes me so long to change the air filter, this should be a 5 minute job!!

Admittedly I am being a bit cautious.

Ive freed the hoses, unplugged the MAF connector and all ready to be removed un-restricted and all ive been told is pull the engine cover up firmly.

Well i've been yanking it to a point where I am sure it sounded like it's splitting!!

Any tips to get these off the suction plates!!

owen lcr

Oct 10, 2006
montrose, scotland
just beware mate because they are easily cracked and very £££ to replace. sorry i cant help any more but i learnt the hard way. good excuse to get an intake though
Dec 2, 2008
Cheers Owen,

Done it now, never had to remove so many clips and screws just to replace an air filter.

Found a two person job each side helps get the cover off (1..2..3..pull!)

Small tip guys when putting the cover back on push the rub bungs into the engine cover DON'T try and push back on if they still on the engine mounting bolts, it'll never go on!!

All done, defo a good reason to fit and intake.

Engine cover going in bin as soon as I get an intake.

Off to revo at 1pm at Monster Motorsport :)

Slippery slope of modding here I come!


Active Member
Feb 26, 2009
North Yorkshire
My stealer very kindly cracked my FR engine cover and lost or made the stock air intake "lid" disappear, went in last Thursday 10 weeks after spotting it and they will replace although I have not heard back yet !!!!


Active Member
Apr 27, 2009
Bangor, N.I
you just tug it real hard, up and back towards the rear of the engine bay and itll come off ok. stick the rubber bungs back into their places on the engine cover and give them a bit of silicone spray before you put it back on. it is a bit tricky yeah, but probably more because were all a little cautious not to break things than is maybe necessary. but yes, its one of the reasons i wanted an intake in the end, to avoid any more hastle with the cover
Yeah I was going to say rock it as you pull up from diagonal corners. then grab the other two corners and do the same, it seems to be that motion that works best when I've done it on mine and for others. rather than just pulling it up or peeling the back towards the front.
Dec 2, 2008
are you getting it RR'd
Yes had it RR'd before and after, a little disappointing but while watching the progress the inlet temperatures where very high, plus I am not sure my v-power had chance to replace the normal unleaded I regrettably had to put in the other day!

I'll put up a new post with the results
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