1. LCR Sear Covers - help

    Hello all I have a 2005 LCR and I'd like to stop the seat getting worn out like it did on my previous Seat Leon Sport (I have been a Loen owner now for 9 years!!). Anyhow, need a good fitting cover that will be kin to the seat underneath - ANY suggestions? Thanks for looking JONNYVT
  2. ATP

    Cupra bolt covers

    how do you remove these? the tool in the kit doesn't fit?!?
  3. Invisible

    Tips for removing Engine Covers! Argh

    I don't think I have ever had a car where it takes me so long to change the air filter, this should be a 5 minute job!! Admittedly I am being a bit cautious. Ive freed the hoses, unplugged the MAF connector and all ready to be removed un-restricted and all ive been told is pull the engine...
  4. Jack covers on fr sideskirts

    Wondered if anyone has had any problems with the jack point covers on FR sideskirts? I took front drivers cover off and now i cant get it back on, i can hear it click into place but it just falls off after a light tap. I replaced the cover but still have the same problem. I took it back...
  5. Booya

    Pic request - Black LCR with chrome wing mirror covers

    Seen as I can't find any carbon fibre ones I have lost all patience :cry: Any pics to give me an idea of how it would look with chrome ones (easy to get) would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. yusuf_1977

    Removing mirror covers on 2009 ibiza

    hi mates i am trying to find a solution to remove without harming the mirror covers to have them painted in piano black or silver grey. :help:
  7. Face Lift Mirror Covers

    Hi I have finally got my replacement mirror covers sprayed piano black and now want to remove my silver ones to swap. The problem is how the hell do you remove these things? I have looked at the new ones and they have clip on lugs inside the covers. The problem is trying to get at the ones...
  8. ets2k9

    Wheel nut covers

    Hi, I'm after some black wheel nut covers like this: The only problem with the above is...
  9. New FR / Cupra engine covers

    Does anyone know how the new covers are mounted to the engine? The look like they don't have the built in airbox (as on the scirocco)? I wonder because I have an intake and want the engine bay to look tidier so wondered if this would fit my 57 pate FR...
  10. side skirt jacking covers

    hey all, bit of a random one but can anyone point me in the right direction of getting a set of jacking point covers for my white 16v cupra sport abf, cant find them on the net anywhere (unless I'm not looking hard enough), and not in any of my local breakers yards. don't have to be white as I...

    Seat Ibiza mk5 car seat covers

    Does any one know where I can get some nice seat Ibiza bocanegra seat covers for wheni fetch it any ideas
  12. anybody seen my side skirt covers??

    ive lost 2 of my jacking point covers. :confused: they were painted kiwi yellow and are probably somewhere in doncaster or sheffield. 5 quid reward. :D its a bit of a long shot but the car looks wrong without them even tho i have spares i cant be bothered to paint them to match.
  13. Veyron

    Help taking mirror covers off

    Hi, i've just brought some primer, Red spray and some Laquer to repaint my black plastic mirrors but read a guide saying to fold them in and then put your fingers in the gap and pull it off but since i've only got a bottom of the range 1.2 S i cant fold them in so was wondering how i can take...
  14. Craigus

    Can i take the covers off the teardrop mirrors?

    Is there a cover on the teardrop mirror on my LCR, If so how do i go about taking them off, do they unclip? Cheers Craig
  15. Seat covers for my Leon Cupra R

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a seat cover for my Leon Cupra R, but the ones I have purchased (2 now), despite saying they are large, only just stretch over the bucket seats. This means that the cover material over the back rest is as tight as a drum skin because it is stretched tight by the...
  16. cuprakemp

    seat covers for leon cupra

    work in an engineering enviroment and could really do with getting some seat covers for my car any one no of any good places to get them from thanks neil
  17. ibizaboi

    jacking covers

    Hi ever1 im on the hunt for some jacking covers for my skirts? anyidea where 2 start lookin??
  18. godber225r

    Laquered Engine covers gone yellow!!!

    As title says, I bought car 2 years ago and the garage had laquered the engine which i told them NOT to do. I have wanted to get it off for ages now as it looks hideous:cry: but didn't want to scratch/damage anything!! Now its gone yellow and started peeling at the edges. i really want to get...
  19. Seat covers

    i have just got a 05 reg leon fr and what just wanting to no what the best seet covers are to get. because the seats are quite wide. witch ones would fit best and prevent wear of the seet.
  20. Dave217

    brake light covers

    any one know where i can get an ibiza brakelight cover?
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