1. anyone have rear bowden cable or can you link me some?

    anyone have rear bowden cable or can you link me some? i am trying to find these with the part number : 1M0839085a
  2. Rear Door is Locked Shut! Rear Doors Arent Working Correctly!

    so when i bought my 1999 seat leon its was problem free but now its problem after problem, newest problem is my OSR door is shut and will not open from the inside or the outside(i had the window regulator unplugged for afew days while i got a new one as it was already off and i was manually...
  3. SEAT LEON 20VT 1.8 MODS

    Hi I'm new to the Leon scene but not new to vw cars, I have a APP Engine and want to mod it.. what bits can I do to it, I have already ordered an air filter up with the breather port on it, I want to cheap it cheap ATM but any posts are welcome! Please give suggestions and link me parts of you...
  4. thomascy

    Cupra Issued problems 20VT-180Hp

    Please, tell me if a common problem is for Cupra 20Vt (180Hp) this: (except my cruise control that is not working) :censored: a. When I wash my car water go inside the front windows b. The 2nd gear shifts with difficult c. The morning something metallic is hearing, and is not the air pump...
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