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  1. cherry bomb exhaust + k&n 57i

    :)im lookkin at a cherry bomb exhaust on demon tweeks 2.5inch. im relay likin the look ov it and the sound ov sum youtube vids on it. 2nd im lookin at a k&n 57i induction kit on ebay. iv not got much money as i would go with a miltek or a blueflame. would these be fine my cars got no mods just a...
  2. Willie

    LCR light weight edition, Getting broken up

    I bought my 2003 LCR as new with delivery miles on it for my 27th birthday, happy birthday to me, lol I loved the shape, the style, the speed and above all it is black, which we all know is the best and fastest colour. I bought after 6 months of test driving, internet searching and...
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