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double din

  1. How to upgrade to a double din radio

    Hi all, I’ve a 2009 mk2 Leon pre facelift very basic model Was looking to upgrade to a double din that’ll allow use with apple play. What radio, fascia and wiring looms do I need, have multifunctional steering wheel and want to be able to use it to control the radio Thanks
  2. Ataytay

    Android head unit

    I recently purchased a mk2 leon fr (59) plate, it has had a double din pumpkin head unit installed by the previous owner. I was just having a few problems with it and was wondering if anybody on here has had any similar problems with a head unit. When I first got the car the head unit was...
  3. Fitting new Double Din Stereo to 2015 Seat Ibiza FR

    Hi Everyone, I bought the following kit fron InCarTec to fit my double din headunit and believed it was a fairly straightforward swap, however, the radio doesn't fit and I am not sure how the kit works. https://incartec.co.uk/product/50-992-1 I have found a few posts which advised that the...
  4. beavz_28

    Leon cupra help "double din" & "cambelt"

    I was wondering if anyone knows where to get a facia and/or double din unit for my mk1 cupra i have a part number for the facia but i need a new one (1MO 863263) in black ANYONE?? Also when is the cambelt due on cupra tdi 150?????????? as dont want to leave t too long it on 42,000 Thanks
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