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  1. Jamesrowe

    James' LCR

    Hey all, Thought i'd start a thread about my LCR. I sold my mk2 Golf in October last year and started looking straight away for a LCR, within a week I had bought an onvi yellow LCR 210. I bought it with the seller telling me it was completly standard, which i later found out it wasn't!! It...
  2. james.l

    James' LCR - 2008cc Stroker HTA GT3071r! - Tuned @ Badger5

    As the car stands today, and a list of the parts installed / to be installed Block BAM Engine Block 92.8mm Forged Crank 1.8 Oil Pump Drive Gear Mahle Motorsport Powerpak Pistons Mahle Motorsport Piston Rings Mahle Motorsport Wrist Pins 06a 1.8T Oil Squirters DM Forged 144 x 20 Connecting...
  3. james walker

    james walkers leon cupra

    no pics yet guys but i thought as im bored id start a readers ride thread. bought the leon cupra 3 years ago totally standard. 2002 platinum grey mods added thus far are.... 1. 18 inch gunmetal inovit cts 2. porsche 911 carrera rear brembos with 312mm discs and ferodo ds2500 pads...
  4. artemis_1991

    James' Black MK3 Ibiza - Gone to a new home

    So, thought it was about time I condensed my progress into a thread... Since ive got a 8v 1.4 lump I decided there was NO point in attempting to get any more power so I went down the handling route. First off was new suspension and Weitec HICON GTN's were the order: Front...
  5. Hunnie79

    James Thompson joins YourRacingCar.com

    Guys! this'll give you a giggle! yourracingcar.com/yrc-news-article.php?id=9 :lol:
  6. james.l

    James' Ibiza FR

    Realised that i actually had 2 readers ride threads :confused: So i have decided to consolidate the 2 by deleting the old... And creating a new :D I have had the car for about 18months now, and haven't really got round to creating a readers ride thread. So here is what she looked like when...
  7. ZBOYD

    Duncan James – Ice Cool in his Leon Cupra

    Duncan James, former Blue singer and star of both television and the West End, has chosen a rapid set of wheels to match his busy lifestyle in the limelight – the dynamic new SEAT Leon Cupra. The 29 year-old Brit – one of the stars of ITV’s Dancing on Ice show earlier this year, and the...
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