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  1. TimJK

    Does anybody have Does anybody have these? ECS KVW100 Window Control Module?

    ECS KVW100 Window Control Module http://www.awesome-gti.co.uk/product.php?xProd=6808&xSec=144 I have tried coding this in using VAS machine at work but no such luck yet. and also OEM Comfort Turn on their leon http://www.awesome-gti.co.uk/product.php?xProd=13210&xSec=144
  2. KVW100 Question

    I'm looking at grabbing one of these for use with my 04 FR TDI, I have read that it requires a certain convienence module, easiest way to find this out is with Vagcom. As I don't have this yet is there any other way I can check? Will it do any damage if it is not compatible, as I'm just...
  3. stevie steve

    KVW100 or Autowindow question

    Does the Autowindow kit work for Leon Cupra or is it just a Cupra R only piece of kit. Do I need anything else installed on my car convenience pack etc? Is it a relatively simple instal. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to cars. For those who not seen it - heres a vid...
  4. Kvw100 Advice needed

    Hi all, I am after a KVW100 for my Seat Ibiza TDI sport. It is a 2003 but is on a 52 plate so I was just wondering if it would work for me as it is only meant to work from 2003-2005 and since mine is a 2003 52, I dont know whether the ecu will be the same as the 2003 03 plate. Please let me...
  5. tris

    KVW100 Auto Window Closure

    After talking to Leon SJ at the rolling road day on saturday about his auto windows he sent me the link. http://www.tek-tronics.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=50&osCsid=70dd352e85190134e9d809b177d02279 So after ordering one for myself it came today. Just off to fit it and see if it...
  6. jonnie5

    Total Closure KVW100

    Just installed the szkvw turbo OBDII KVW100. Took less than 1min to install, and works a tread. Its actuallly better than on any other car I've had as it is just one push of the remote and everything is locked and windows shut. :funk:[B)]:D:cartman:
  7. kvw100 in 2008 Ibiza cupra

    Hello, I have a question: I have just bought a new 2008 Ibiza Cupra, and I wonder if I can flash the ECU with the kvw100 so that the windows will automatically close when I lock the car. Is it possible? Please advice! Thanks, Natanel.
  8. Kvw100

    Hi, any ideas if the KVW100 (remote window thing) will work with a 2001 leon cupra?
  9. gtd86

    KVW100 Window module

    I find it very hard to believe no one has mentioned these!!! Very cool indeed http://www.szkvw.com/english/product.htm Their about £25 over here, looks well worth it, but i would imagine this could be done with a vag com cable me thinks?
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