1. MFD compass stuck

    Hi, I've recently bought Leon mk3 from 2014. It has MIB1 with navigation, SD card with maps is missing, only empty box from card was left in the glovebox. The main problem is with the compass in MFD. It is stuck on N (north) direction. I've tried riding in circles on empty parking lot to...
  2. No MIB in MK3 Leon??

    So a couple months ago I bought Mk3 Leon, 2013 plate. Was on for a very low price so I purchased it but only issue that I find now, months later is that there's no MIB in the glovevox? So the question is, is there anyway of getting one installed/coded? I know of course there's always the dealer...
  3. Seat MIB's firmware

    Hello all I hope you are all good in those crazy days. I'm searching for some Seat firmwares, doesn't have to be the latest. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance and god bless you all.
  4. Bluetooth Streaming not showing Track list

    I have a Leon Cupra 280 (2014 registered March). I’ve just come from a 2016 Ibiza FR. It didn’t have car play or anything special but when phone connected via Bluetooth, I could use the ‘selection’ function to go through artists and playlists. When I try do the same thing on the Leon Cupra, it...
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