1. Chambers Cupra

    Mk3 cupra needs small offside mirror

    Im looking for a passenger side mirror for the drivers side of my mk3 IBIZA cupra! as you may no the drivers side has a towing mirror on:wtf: and a baby one on the left! i want a baby on the drivers side, as i work for a local motorfactor i rang seat and they looked on up for a ibiza from spain...
  2. oldman

    excess play in off-side front mount and bearing

    All, I had my car serviced and they said that it was ok, but would fail MOT which is in June. Forgot at the time to note the advisory down, so called them and was told it said this... As a snob off sorts, i will get both sides done. If one goes the other is sure to follow at some point...
  3. Leak in offside back passenger footwell?

    Hi Guys Sorry i have had a look through most of the threads and tried to search for the answer but i notice everyone seems to have problems with the front of their car however mine is appearing in the back on the passenger side of the car. I haven't tried out the guide yet but will get onto...
  4. any good Seat breakers ??? need an arctic grey offside rear door

    anyone help ???? thanks chris
  5. npd

    noise offside front

    hello people iam new on here ive got a ibiza cupra mrk3,which is givin me some problems.When im drivin up the road and start to slow down foot on the brake and clutch pedal down i get a horible noise,sounds like its coming from drivers side. it only does it wen the steering is to the left dont...
  6. Damo

    Scraping sound from offside wheel when cornering

    Hi again, Yet another slight issue with the car (god it's never ending, lol). When turning left, if I give it enough juice round the corner I can hear quite a loud scraping/grinding noise coming from the wheel area on the drivers side. I've tried it while turning right and it's fine. I've...
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