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seat ibiza mk5

  1. Ln_Cupra


    Irecently bought a 1.4 DSG 2013 Seat Ibiza Cupra REG is SF13 YWW and I am the 5th Owner it's on 64,000 miles and I would really like to find the owner who done the work to the car because the previous owner owned it for less than a year and claimed the car came with the mods when he bought it...
  2. Seat Ibiza MK5 Buying - To buy or not to buy?

    Hey Guys, been awhile since ive posted on here as the mk5 i usually talk about is my moms mk5 09 1.4 sport coupe and nothing to report of late. My little cousin is buying their first car and i am thinking about suggesting an ibiza mk5 1.4 sports coupe. As from my experience, they arent the...
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