Oct 4, 2019
Irecently bought a 1.4 DSG 2013 Seat Ibiza Cupra REG is SF13 YWW and I am the 5th Owner it's on 64,000 miles and I would really like to find the owner who done the work to the car because the previous owner owned it for less than a year and claimed the car came with the mods when he bought it. The car was bought in Motherwell in Glasgow if this helps. I was told it was standard
(I didn't have a problem if it wasnt but would like accurate information and history when buying a car) and only had a Forge Induction and a backbox delete I drove it home and it sounded quite quiet (mostly because I wasnt giving it to much) I then took it out for a good old hoon and it felt rapid and was extremely loud and anything after 4k revs on the overrun it crackles and pops followed by machine gun like *BANG BANG BANGS* after hearing this I got home and jacked the car up to have a look at this "backbox delete" and it is a full non resonated Cobra Motor Sport cat back exhaust with the main cat still in the down pipe that I can see below the turbo. I know that straight through cat back exhausts will give off a slight pop and burple but this sounds like it has been mapped in and sounds like a fire work display when driving on the overrun and you get lots of pops and bangs revving in neutral. Everyone I spoke to said that it felt and sounded as if it had a map of some sort on it, so I took it to the dyno today to do a few runs and see what it is running. It came in at 198.9BHP and 189ftlbs of Torque, I am still unsure if it has been mapped because I dont know if the induction kit and cat back exhaust would be able to see power gains like that but with such little torque increase. This is my first time putting a car on the dyno and reading a dyno graph so I'm not sure what to look for. The tuner said he wasn't sure if it had been mapped or not but I could reflash the ecu to stock and start from there with a Revo Stage 1 map for £399 but I'm really not sure if there will be much difference in the power gains to what I am "already running". I will put a pic of the dyno graph and the car. 199bhp isn't to bad for a "standard" car tho



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Oct 14, 2019
I want mine to sound like yours. If you find out what has been done let me know

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