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  1. Ln_Cupra


    Irecently bought a 1.4 DSG 2013 Seat Ibiza Cupra REG is SF13 YWW and I am the 5th Owner it's on 64,000 miles and I would really like to find the owner who done the work to the car because the previous owner owned it for less than a year and claimed the car came with the mods when he bought it...
  2. Window Tint fitting Glasgow

    Ho, does anyone fit window tint in Glasgow? I bought the tint, cut it to size and was going to fit it. But am now doubting my abilities and would rather pay someone to do it properly. It is good quality tint. Anybody?
  3. Good shop in Glasgow

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post but I’m looking to upgrade my MKII FR TDI brakes to the cupra package and was hoping for some advice on where to go in the Glasgow area? I’ve only really used my local dealership for work in the past but as warranty is now out I don’t really want to pay...
  4. MrNorma

    Anyone in glasgow area enable auto windows

    As title, anyone in glasgow area got the kit to enable auto windows on a Mk4 55 FR? Been trying for a couple of days with no joy as i only have a usb and not serial cable. Any help or pointers appreciated.
  5. cmc

    VAG-COM Glasgow

    Anyone able to do me a favour and scan my LC with VAGCOM? I'll happily oblige with a few beers. I've got an intermittant TCS fault light coming on (clears on restart but it's driving me mad). I've had it scanned with a bosch machine by kwik-fit (no fault codes) and had it scanned by the...
  6. lawrieIbizaMk4

    can someone help me fit my splitter? Glasgow

    hey all, new to the forum so firstly hello! I recently bought a splitter for my ibiza and i'm too worried to attempt to put it on so is there any1 in the glasgow area that could fit it for me? I will pay £20-30 to the person that fits it. please get back to me cheers
  7. MrNorma

    Got fault code need advice!

    Anyone got vag-com in glasgow area? got some bost problems and wouldnt mind getting fault codes read?
  8. Spud_G40

    Recommended good bodyshop..near or in Glasgow

    Hey, Looking for a top bodyshop in or around Glasgow, somewhere you lot can recommend, going to get a full respray and rear arch rid or rust on my MK3 Cupra at some point and want to get a quality paint job, it is my pride and joy after all. Cheers peeps
  9. Garage in Glasgow??

    Just looking for some advice where I can get my car sorted. (Mk3 Ibiza cupra) I made the mistake of putting it into Arnold Clark where a was told this that n the other was wrong with it, so basically I want a second opinion. So anyone know any good garages that actually know what they're...
  10. Tried and tested specialist in Glasgow?

    Stop the sniggering! ***This refers tp Mk1 Leon owners who have a place that they used.*** Does anyone have a place they'd recommend? The place that I used most recently couldn't diagnose a leaking radiator! There was a previous thread that was deleted due to not being specific to this...
  11. esp powdercoating glasgow??

    as above, anyone any experience of the company? phoned loads of places, these arent the cheapest, but offer the best range of colours, and the guy sounded as if he knew what he was talking about, going in tomorrow to see the full colour range and make a choice!!!:confused:
  12. jackster150

    window tinting glasgow

    where in glesga can ye get tinting done, good job prefer recommendations from happy customers and what degree of tint should get cheers guys
  13. R4MSN_86CUPRA R

    Advice on getting an LCR remapped in Glasgow required.

    Got A Lcr. I'm In Glasgow. Want To Get It Remaped. Want To Know Were Is The Best Place To Take It And Wat Oder Mods Would Help The Remap. Cheers Guys. :d
  14. Gm8

    wheel alignemt/camber. glasgow area

    any recommendetions ? Where do you go david ? mcconnechies and national have been no good so far ( car too low)
  15. vag com in glasgow

    need my car car vag comd, i stay in glasgow can anyone help
  16. Romeoisgraham

    Anyone with Vag-Com in Glasgow?

    As post title, Just wondering if anyone in Glasgow has Vag-Com, Ive no faults that I know of but just would like to run a scan and see if aything pops up. Pm me or post reply to this thread. Not urgent and much appreciated. R x
  17. diss_50

    GLASGOW MEET 25/11/07 - Another one! :)

    Glasgow Meet 25/11/07 - Part 1
  18. modding in glasgow

    just got a really good insurance quote from adrian flux so i am now 90% sure that i am going to start modding my codroba tdi 130 I live in the glasgow area (dumbarton) I am a little noobish at all this so any advice/comments are appreciated :) and rough costs/reccomended suppliers/fitters...
  19. Romeoisgraham


    Any you guys/gals from glasgow......................would be nice to meet cupra owners in my area, take a drive or cruise?????
  20. Gm8

    any mk2s at the glasgow meet today ?

    i may pop along , never been to one b4 though
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