1. Jimski

    SuperSport 35mm Front - 50mm Rear - Shock and Springs

    Evening! I know that Truss has asked the question about whether Supersport can consider making us happy by supplying a 35mm front, 50mm spring/shock kit for ibiza mk4. Just thought this thread could be a follow up to my thread asking a similar question generally and help everyone else...
  2. supersport 50mm springs

    about to purchase a set of 50mm spings from supersport! any1 had a problems or mods u might need when fitting??
  3. truss

    Supersport Springs

    Hi Damian this may be a completely rediculous question, but thought it may be worth an ask. Im going to order some 35mm springs, but what i would like to know is whether supersport can do a 35mm drop on the front but use a 50mm drop on the rear to even it up a bit? they don't do this kit but...
  4. knight85

    supersport lower springs and dampers

    Anyone used these or heard good/bad things? could pick up a cheapish set, dont wanna just drop the car with springs, and dont feel the need for coilies...just want a nice drop
  5. Supersport lowering springs

    Hi guys, has anyone used the supersort lowering springs from dpm? I was leaning towards the eibachs but I want more than a 30mm drop, and don't fancy the sportlines with the front lower than the back. Cheers
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