tail lights

  1. Rear Light Assembly

    I need to replace my rear light assembly however I can’t get the electrical connector out. Is there a trick to it or am I being thick? It will not budge! If there are any videos or pictures that would be helpful!
  2. Pre facelift tail lights

    I was looking for some better looking tail lights for my 2007 leon, if anyone has found any could you post links. Thanks.
  3. The Daily Meme

    Facelift Tail lights in mk 3 Leon?

    I'm just curious to see if anyone on this site has managed this yet. Since I bought my mk3 Leon SC FR about a year ago, I've had many people comment on the size of my indicators. :( Not one to have my ego blunted that easily, but my self confidence is certainly lacking now. In all seriousness...
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