1. Art0ir

    How a $500 E30 beat $400k cars in WRC

    http://jalopnik.com/5497042/how-a-500-craigslist-car-beat-400k-rally-racers Apologies if this is already up, did a search and nothing came up! Truly inspirational imho
  2. Any interest in WRC style mudflaps here?

    Looking at possible new products for our shop, and having designed and developed the original Subaru aftermarket WRC flaps for our other business (Scoobyworld Ltd) was wondering whether theres any mileage in developing a Leon and Ibiza line? Any thoughts? Neil
  3. teeth2k

    wrc spoiler

    for anyone whos interested in a wrc spoiler theres one going on that auction site thingy i paid a hell of a lot for mine and boy does it make your cordy look fab :p
  4. WRC on Dave Confusion

    Hi, What the hell is happening on Dave? I'm sure WRC used to be on at the weekend for 1 hour. Now when I look it's on for 2 half hours and an hour. What am I meant to be watching to get coverage of the big boys as the one I recorded only covered the Juniors.
  5. Craig Senior

    Subaru out of WRC

    Didn't see this one coming:( Subaru cancel WRC entry with immediate effect http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/72492 Honda gone from F1, Suzuki from the WRC yesterday, now Subaru. Who's next:confused:
  6. IainW

    Ford 2008 WRC car - what a mess

    Can anyone prove to me that red and green actually go well together as a colourscheme? :blink:
  7. question about fabia wrc

    I was watching a clip today on utube of the fabia wrc and it got me thinking. Do they not have to made a certain number of these machines in order to be classed as a wrc model like a special limited production. If this is the case has anyone ever seen one of them on the road??
  8. WRC Rally Ireland 2007

    WRC Rally Ireland 2007 takes place from the 15th - 18th November 2007, its the first ever WRC visit to Ireland and is the penultimate round in the 2007 calendar. With Marcus Gronholm and Sebastian Loeb separated by only 10 points the championship could be decided on Irish soil! Im heading across...
  9. Why no SEAT in WRC?

    Just been watching the WRC on ITV4. How come there's not SEAT cars? I remember the Ibiza's used to do really well, that and the rental I had abroad years abo is what made me get an Ibiza and now a Leon. So, why no Leon in the competition? Shame that'd be great. Infact there's no VAG...
  10. WRC 2006 pics !

    Just got home after a long day in Wales , was awesome as usual ! The scenery was stunning and weather was mixed which made for interesting rallying , especially once it rained. Managed to fit in a couple of stages , watched at "Halfway" in the morning then moved to "Crychen" for the afternoon...
  11. Wrc Spoiler Etc

    Hi Can anyone tell me where to get hold of the 96-99 wrc spoiler. The new one looks horrible and ruins the whole car completely. Also i am thinking of changing my standard side skirts to new ones, got a rough idea of where i can get them from and ho much they cost? One last thing i want to do...
  12. snakebite15

    WRC Spoiler on my Seat Leon!!!

    Well today ive just had this spoiler fitted to my car, Its the WRC Spec Spoiler, It looks way out of place at the moment, iv figured that it needs to be lowered about 40mm and need some alloys, what alloys would anyone recomend seeing as iv stuck that WRC spoiler on do you think i should go for...
  13. nugget

    Mitsubishi pull out of WRC

    Just heard, no details yet though. Pulled out with immediate effect????
  14. Skoda Pull Out Of WRC As Works Team

  15. widdowd

    Single Headlight Conversion (WRC)

    FAO Flapper, Is ther any chance of getting hold of the single headlight conversion as fitted to the Cordoba EVO 3 WRC. Daz.. ------------------
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