2.0 Tsi DSG Remap

Dec 23, 2021
Hi All
I am looking at getting one of the above ( xcellence Lux estate) as I cant really justify the extra for the cupra ( which I really want for the 4drive)
So if I did get the standard 2.0 I was thinking of getting a stage 1 remap.
I have looked on here but cant see much info.
I would rather pay for a custom map on a rolling road session.

Has anyone done this?
And any reccomendations for a decent place in kent/South east london or Essex?

Thanks in advance


Active Member
Jan 3, 2023
What is the std 2.0l engine in a MK3 xcellence? Is it the 190, 265, 280hp version?

I find a bunch of suppliers on the www with stage 1 or 2 tunes for these engines. Most probably, they all use the same firmware and at best, just tune a few parameters to adjust to your preferences? 190hp/320Nm becomes 235 - 245hp/400 - 470Nm for 275€ here in Belgium with a stage 1. Since this is a VAG engine, I presume you'll find opportunities in your vicinity.
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