Accelerator Position Sensor 1/2 (G79/G185)

Dec 9, 2023
Well. Now it's my turn to fight with my car.

On a Friday after a 1-hour trip on the highway when I was almost home, I stalled my car. And I never stall my car, but when I looked at my dash I was an EPC light was on. I started the car again, but the light also went on. The car was stuck at limp mode.

I changed the accelerator pedal, throttle body. The O2 sensor closest to the engine. At last i opened up my ECU and found a burn mark on the ecu. So I replaced the ECU, thinking that would be it. I bought a second handed ecu stage2 with all the emission stuff turned off. It drove awesome for a while, but after a couple of weeks the light came back on. When i turn the car off and start it again, the light goes off and drives normal. So the light comes on sometimes.

I cleaned the connectors at the pedal and looks normal. The blue connector behind the black box behind the wiper motor. And the connector at the throttle body

I Am kinda frustrated, RN. the only thing i didn't replace is the second O2 sensor. But that is turned off in the ECU. I don't know if that could be the problem

i REALLY hope someone can help me! Sorry for the bad English
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