Advice on how to protect paint of newly powder coated wheels


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Sep 22, 2022
Hi guys it may be the wrong time of year but couldn’t help myself I’ve just had my Leon FR wheels acid stripped and powder coated metallic black with flake in them, absolutely love the wheels but with this time of year and all the crap on the road is there some sort of wheel protectant I can put on the wheels to protect from the elements and brake dust etc.

Someone did mention a Ceramic spray coating to me but there’s so many when looking on Google, I was hoping there might be something just really easy that you just put on and apply to the wheels just to give it an extra layer, any help much appreciated.


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Jun 1, 2021
Just use a decent wax and top up the protection with a quick detailer every time you wash to provide/maintain a level of protection much the same as you would with the bodywork.

There's no real science to it or magic wand - they will get contaminated its inevitable but the protection will make them easier to clean and prevent the build up from sticking.

With anything maintenance is the key ;)
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