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Alarm goes off when I start up


Active Member
Nov 19, 2018
Hi guys, looking for some advice.

I have an 04 Toledo TDi 130 with a bit of an issue. When I start the car, after it’s been left overnight, the central locking clicks, and then 10 seconds later the alarm goes off. Usually I can resolve it by turning it off, taking the key out and putting it back in, but sometimes this doesn’t work and it just goes on and on and on...

A little while ago the drivers window wouldn’t go back up (the cable was all caught in the mechanism), and I needed a quick fix, so I took the mechanism out, and cable tied the runners to the top, It was a good botch to be fair, but it means the central locking isn’t working. I can lock the drivers door, and then the rest by locking the boot, but rarely bother as I live in the middle of nowhere.

I need to get it fixed soon as, but can’t afford to take it to a garage this side of Xmas, so need something for now to sort it.

I don’t think it can be the starter motor as it was only replaced 6 months ago. I think the battery is ok, but it wouldn’t be too much of a shock if this was causing it as it’s pretty old. There is no fuse for the alarm, but there is for the central locking, would taking this out help at all?

Any advice would be greatly received
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