AmD Rolling Road Day April 7th 2013


lcr ry
Feb 5, 2012
Was gd turn out gd day and weather. Power figers made seemed alot more relistic simlar to ud get a b5 or r t e c h witch seemed to disapoint a few people lol. My mate made a few more hp and ftlb today then he did a r t e c h so looks like amd figers r lookin alot relistic witch is gd

Over all gd day and some nice motors

Yh mate people think the rollers are wrong now but they are not they are realistic now as I got gd figures :)g got better figures than stage 2's :)


LCR 225
Apr 29, 2007
Cheers bud, you to. Your car looked a lot better in real life, seats are to die for as well :-o

Thats alright anyway, maybe next time ;) Least you got it sorted out in the end, nothing worse than an under performing car.
Cheers mate. Defo next time :)


I Need Speed
Jun 18, 2004
What a great first meet and first Dyno for me. Great to meet those I did and look forward to meeting more in the future ;)
My little oil burner smoked up 210bhp and 290lb/ft :D 15bhp more than I was hoping for so my hybrid turbo must be doing something good lol
Sooooo enthused to get more mods going.
Thanks to organisers etc and AmD :D
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wild willy

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Aug 4, 2003
Excellent to see AMD have recalibrated the rollers to read true figures...........about time too. They will gain credability for this, well done.:clap:


Fantastic meet guys!! :D

Was great to see all the cars and meet some of you finally :clap:

We can't seem to put our photos of the day if you go on over to the Performance SEAT Facebook page they are up there, and the show report with EVEN more unseen photos will be in Issue #003. Awesome day you done good :clap:
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