Arosa 1.0 clutch


MG ZS 180 - V6
Feb 25, 2007
Hi all,

My partner has an Arosa with around 40k on the clock. The clutch bite point has got quite high in recent months. Is it self adjusting or likely to be up for replacement?

I have notice there is a rattle from the release bearing recently too so that can also be changed.


lunalupi not a bloke!
Jul 29, 2006
They are self adjusting up to a point - there should be a big spring on the end of the cable (have a look under the bonnet) which makes some adjustments. You can still adjust them like a regular cable if you want to see if that helps.

My clutch also needs changing, and I've been told it should take about 4 hours to do. The release bearing can (or in my case will) be changed at the same time. :)

However you might want to ask the garage - or look yourself if you can contort yourself under the dash - to take a look at the pedal box though, as these have a weld holding the clutch pedal which can shear and leave you with a very dodgy clutch pedal until it becomes unusable.
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