Arosa Ignition Problem.



I have a 99" Arosa and evry time i start the car it tends to struggle getting going. I have to hold the key for a good 3-4 seconds and push down on the accelarator to make sure it starts... Sometimes if it fails to start on the first time it takes a good 6-7 seconds from turning the key to get it started the second time (whilst on the accelarator on and off) .. I dont know what it is, someone said it was the starter motor and someone else said it was my spark plugs ... Anyone know of this problem in arosas or anyone with any experiance of this problem ?? :help: :confused:

Thank you in advance!


The original wee beastie
Nov 12, 2006
Sounds more likely to be spark plugs or HT leads if it does start on the odd occasion.

1litre wonder

(s)Low rider
Jul 6, 2006
yeah thats either a fueling or spark plug issue. take each plug out and have a look to see how they are wearing, if they are fine, take the air box off and have a sniff for petrol next to the throttle body, you should be able to smell some, if not your fuel filter could be blocked restricting fuel flow
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