Arosa recalls

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Hi there,
Yesterday our local SEAT garage called to say that they would need to have my little car back in for check ups. :blink:
It is a 1998 1.4 MPi SE auto version with 34200 miles on the clock. I bought it in July this year, and it was booked there and then for a full service/MOT, etc...
I know that at the start of its life (from 1998 to about 2002) it was well looked after, but after that, things are a bit unclear. From about 2002, there are a few stamps in the service book but none are dated and no detail of what was done shows. :shrug:
When my local garage called yesterday, they couldn't say why they needed to get my car back in, apparently, SEAT contacted them.
Does anyone know about any Arosa recalls between say, 2001 and now?
Thanks for any advice...
P. :)


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Nov 12, 2006
The last one I can remember was last year for brake servo hoses. I had mine checked and it was ok but, if I remember correctly Nicola (lunalupi) needed her's doing and Seat did it for free.

Deleted member 42671

That's a relief, I thought they (the garage) might have tried to pull a fast one!
I'll call them tomorrow and see what they say.
Thanks for your help. :)
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