Back in the Cupra game

Feb 19, 2021
Hi All,

On Monday we took delivery of a new to us Leon Cupra 300 Manual in black that is mainly my wife's car. The car has just 5.5k miles and looks to be in great nick. I am returning to the Seat Leon fold after many years. My first Seat was a pre registered bronze Leon 20VT with 200 miles on the clock that was fully loaded with leather etc. and the second was when I ordered and took delivery of one of the first Leon Cupra Rs in the UK in 2002. The car was also black and served me well for just over 90k miles and 5.5 years.

Looking forward to getting up to speed with the best tips and tricks with the 300! I already have a Sat Nav question so will look for the right place to post it.

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Feb 19, 2021
Should add a bit of history on the old R and some of the other cars I've had. About 10k into R ownership I had it chipped from 210 to 260 BHP and fitted a Forge diverter valve and then drove the socks off the car for the next 80k miles. It never let me down and was tough as old boots and i sold it still with the original clutch still going strong. I went on to own an R32 (Mk5) and then a Mk 5 Edition 30 that was quickly modded to 300BHP with bluefin. That car had to have an uprated clutch as the OEM one slipped soon after the engine upgrade.

Feels like this Cupra 300 is a return home!
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Apr 26, 2020
Welcome back mate, those are some nice cars you owned! I have a real soft spot for mk5 r32 👍
Feb 19, 2021
Thanks guys. Assuming this was the same forum back in 2000, then yes I was an active member as I have always been into such things :D

I have had lots of motors and without wanting to bore anyone I keep a running list that I will paste below for anyone interested in such things. Many of the below were owned 2 at a time (hot hatch or sensible ish saloon daily + sports car). The Cupra is the first performance car for the wife and is the only one of her cars included on the list!

Ford Fiesta 1.1L
R5 GT turbo -
Golf GTI Mk2 8V
Mk1 Mondeo 2.0GLX
Peugeot 306 XSi
Seat Leon Cupra 20VTMk1
Seat Leon Cupra R 210 Mk1 (modded to 260bhp)
VW Golf Mk5 R32
VW Golf Mk5 Edition 30 (modded to 300bhp)
Mercedes CLS 320CDI
TVR S1 2.8
TVR V8S 4.0
TVR Griffith 400
TVR Griffith 500
Porsche Boxster 987 S
Porsche 997.1 S Coupe
Porsche 997.1 4S Cab
Porsche 997.1 Turbo Coupe (exhaust, Mod c500 BHP)
Porsche 997.1 Turbo Cab (exhaust, Mod c500 BHP))
Maserati Granturismo S MC Shift
BMW E93 330i
VW Up!
Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost
BMW E93 M3 V8 (Current)
Porsche 997.2 GTS Manual Coupe (Current and keeper as 6 years in)
Seat Leon Cupra 300 (Current) and really the wifes! (But will be stolen by me at every opportunity:D)
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