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Black box under passenger seat and limp mode

Jul 3, 2019
Hi folks,

New to the site. I have owned my Altea ecomotive for a few months now, I have been looking to see if my car is fitted with bluetooth as stated by the dealer and the fact that it has a M.F steering wheel, but I can't pick anything up. There is a black box under the passenger seat which I thought may be the module, can anyone confirm if that is correct? Or can you tell me what this is for? Also, I have been having weird startup issues the last few days, it starts up in limp mode which I know can be a turbo or throttle body issue amongst others, after stopping and turning off and on all is good for the rest of the day, any advice on this?



Full Member
Apr 12, 2006
UK, Essex
Unless you have a lartge multi function screen where the fuel and temperature guage are =i.e the screen goes from top to bottom of the dial and the gauges are at each side then bluetooth is not fitted as standard into the car. If you have bluetooth it works easily and well.......
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