Central locking help

May 29, 2021
Hi everyone Im new here and in of some help. Been doing lots of reading but just confused.

I've got a 2007 Leon, but its had a central locking issue for ages. The driver's door started playing up where it wouldn't unlock sometimes by pressing the button on the key.

So I needed to change the car battery under the bonnet, upon installing the central locking stopped all round from the button on the key.
To get in the car open driver's door by putting the key into the door then into the ignition turn and take out and all doors unlock. All doors lock and unlock by pressing the button inside the car.

If you get in the car and press the key button you can hear a little click coming from the passenger foot well.

Also the alarm tends to go off at random.

I've read that people say it's the driver's door control module, but I can't seam to find any reference to the part.
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