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Central Locking


Active Member
Mar 5, 2016
Hi all

I have had my Seat Toledo for just over a year and its great best car ive ever had since end of January it has developed a problem with the central locking on the drivers side door only when it is wet or cold. When it happens it will not
lock or unlock the door using the fob (even tho all the other doors lock unlock).Electric windows controls will not work on the door. as soon as it drys out or warms up it starts to work again. Ive had the door apart to see if i could see if any water was getting inside the door but couldnt see any and now its started to affect the alarm as well goes off all the time even in the dead of night last night i left the key in it just so i got some sleep.

Can someone please help?:help:


Active Member
Sep 28, 2009
Maybe worth doing a search in the Leon (mk2) forums: there's a few threads on there regarding central locking.
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