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Nov 4, 2015
Does it not get to 60mph :eek:

So at 2.9 sec it's 0.4 sec slower than a Leon Cupra 280 to 31 mph.

The M3P is 1.4 sec and the M3 is 2.0 sec for comparison 0-31 mph
My wallet cries at the price of the Standard Range M3, never mind the performance!

It is worrying how many electric cars top speed is ~80 mph. Obviously that *should* be fast enough but if you've ever driven an underpowered car close to its limits...

I'm going to go and give this car a try, when it is available, electric is coming if you like it or not!


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Nov 18, 2018
Thats amazing!

So there is a fuel out there that can recharge your car almost instantly?

WOW, that sounds like the future!! Impressive, sooner we leave behind these long charge time milk floats the better!
Yes, agreed. Now, if only we could arrange to get that fuel dispensed at home while the car was sitting around doing nothing (overnight, for example) then that really would be the ultimate solution. This way the dispensing time - within reason - is almost irrelevant.
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