Cupra 290 Smaller? Aftermarket Resonator Help


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Jun 28, 2020
I have a non-opf Cupra 290 with the resonator pictured below.
I'd like to have a smaller resonator as I'm currently waiting on a Milltek decat DP to ship (getting ready for a St 2 tune + no real rules in Cairo on emissions = guaranteed good time).
I'd like to have a smaller resonator for the following two reasons:

1. I really don't want the car to be too loud, just looking to give it that extra bit of noise I'm looking for.
2. After having P&B for a while (through a St 1 RL tune) I started hearing a slight rattle noise as the revs are going down around 2xxx rpm, I'm sure it's 100% my fault it got there tho and I'm cool with that, when we lifted the car we traced the noise to the backend of the res towards the back of the car, it seems safe but to be honest it's annoying me at slow speeds/traffic as I'm too fixated on hearing it haha.

My question is; is there ANY aftermarket resonator that would be slightly smaller than the OE one that I could potentially fit on my stock exhaust after cutting out the OE resonator? I really don't want a res. delete kit for fear of drone and noise being too loud as this is my only car.

Could this be the part I'm looking for? or am I way off?


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