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Oct 3, 2012
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I know I generally sing the praises of Mark Brown at VAG Manchester / Progressive Parts. But these last few weeks, things in my personal life have genuinely been utterly utterly ****. Most of which Mark is aware of.

Being off work on compassionate leave, I had a brain fart, and rang up VAG to see if they could ‘just squeeze me in’ to put my TCU back to stock to trouble shoot a 1st to 2nd bogging down issue, which was horrible when cold and annoying me in a car that I like to drive to chill out in.

I then rang to cancel with Rick this morning as thought I was being unfair asking for a quick visit with everything going on around Manchester and knowing he’s busy. As these things are never as quick as we like to think.

Mark rang me back and said to still bring the car, it wasn’t any trouble as could try a few things in between jobs and I could go test drive in between to see if it was sorted.

Well after a number of things being reset and also going back to stock not 100% solving it, he asked me to hang around while the guys at Racingline Milton Keynes looked into it.

Long story short, got an updated TCU map, car was better on the way home but was still adapting, by the time I was home appeared to be all good.

However, I wanted the car to be cold to see. Just been out in the car and it’s bang on again 🙂 Its back to how smooth it was when I only had 330hp 🤣

So big thank you to Mark and Matt Ellis (I believe) at Racingline. Brilliant customer support as always 🙂

So maybe 2020 isn’t totally totally ****.
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