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Dsg problems had new clutch and maybe a new mechatronic and gearbox is said to be perfect


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Dec 19, 2017
Seat Ibiza Cupra 2013

So ive got a problem that needs to be sorted so I’ve had a brand new clutch and supposedly new mechatronic... and I’m stilling getting harsh gear changes and jerky movements when trying to drive...

Now I’ve looked at my mech in the engine bay and it doesn’t look new at all ?

Could it be the mechatronic causing this? Problem/ I know that this controls gear changes and clutch bite so clearly is it the wrong one ?

As the clutch is brand new and it has the basic settings performed but it don’t stay...

These guys at the garage suggested to get rid of all my engine tune which is load of rubbish and something I will not do !
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