electric water pump

CupraR Kier

does anyone know what controls the electric water pump when you turn the car off is it temperature controled by the outside temp or a switch somewhere
cause mine isn't comin on when you turn it off but the pump does work any clues


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Jul 5, 2006
South East Kent
My secondary water pump is doing exactly the same - Did you find a cure Kier? I have tried a new pump but still no life, I have put a volt meter on the connector for the pump after turning the engine off and all I get is about 0.3v, not what I would assume should be approx. 12v. I have checked most of the wiring loom from the plug, I even cut the plug off, tested the continuity (Incase the cable was breaking down near the plug end) and then resoldered and heatshrinked it back together. All my fuses are good including the ones on top of the battery tray. Any ideas guys, i'm pulling my hair out here? :confused:


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Feb 26, 2005
Orpington, Kent
I spent ages trying to prove whether my electric waterpump was faulty or not, but in the end still couldn't totally prove it either way, so replaced it anyway and cured the problem.
The pump activates when the ignition is turned on (engine doesn't even need to be started - although I believe it still runs when the engine is running too) and then it should run for a certain amount of time after the ignition has been switched off also.
The plug to feed power to the pump always seems to have a very minor voltage across it. When the pump starts and runs it's almost like a controller recognises the pump is attached and the voltage increases to 12v - BUT if the pump is faulty as mine was, the pump obviously won't start and the voltage is dropped back down to virtually nothing straight away.

I didn't want to continue running the car without it for long so just took the plunge and ordered the pump. At what it cost me, I wasn't going to risk potential turbo damage for the sake of it!
It's good to try and listen out for this noise after the engine has stopped on the LCR, but it's very easy to not notice the fact that its not working - and it won't give you any form of diagnostic fault code or warning on the dash either!
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