EPC P334a and P334b


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Mar 11, 2015
Hi All
I wonder if anyone can help.. Epc light came on. Turned engine off and back on light would go then gradually started coming on more frequently and the engine light then came on. Bought a elm327 and got the code p334a looked at the instructions on one of the forums and opened the actuator up ready to grease but it wasn't rusty or dirty and sensor could move freely. The bar/rod thing on the actuator moves by hand but doesn't move when the ignition is on or when you put gas on. Could it be a fuse? Do I just need to replace the actuator? How do I find the correct part no. and once I change it do I need to somehow commission/calibrate it? If so can the elm327 do that? The p334b only came on after I had opened the actuator up and put it back. Hoping this will disappear when a new actuator is put on? I was supposed to be selling it at the end of the month :rolleyes: bad timing.

Thanks in advance Lisa
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