Freetrack Front Wiper part numbers

Philip Santi

Active Member
Sep 28, 2019
Can any confirm what the front wiper part numbers are for my 2008/9 Freetrack 4?

I wanted to buy a set of Valeo Silencio 577853 VF/VM853 as they would appear to be RHD specific, but they're about £45, when the 577854 VF/VM854 (LHD) are only about £25?

I see that the RHD specific ones replace OE part numbers 5P0955425G, 5P0955426G & 5P0998002A
Whereas the LHD specific ones only quote the OE part number 5P0998002A

Would I be right in thinking 5P0955425G, 5P0955426G are left and right wipers for RHD cars?

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