Glove box removal


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Sep 23, 2016
I'm trying to remove the glovebox and fit an amp - just wondering if there are any guides to removing the head unit from the glove box around?


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You got this one on dropping the glove box on YouTube

Some people use a plastic tool as well. That will be pre facelifted assume the same.

Taking out the infotainment if it's preface lifted you invest in a set of keys... these do... will be other VW is the crucial bit.

Keple Car Radio Removal Tool Key DIN Release Keys Set for Audi, VW VolksWagen, Mercedes Benz, BMW OEM Head Unit CD Media Player Pins | Universal Pin Stereo Hooks Tools (2 pairs)​

There is an action that you do which is shown on YouTube videos. I've had a standard infotainment unit out, took it apart when something got slid in the CD slot by accident. Arona you can't see what you are doing when changing SD cards... you only do it once. Have to remove the assorted connections... fun. Just took the power out and pulled forward to dissemble... might have taken out a few more leads, but left others in. There upon the SD card fell out... kids stuff other things in the CD slot. Breaks the warranty when the seal is broken on the box.

Video here of using the keys.



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