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Happy New Year


Well it nearly was....

Took the Altea out today and the engine management light came on, and stayed on. :(

I've looked in the manual and it reckons it's an "exhaust warning" light. Obviously I need to take it into a stealer, but I'm pretty fed up now. The car has only done 2600 miles, and my nearest dealer is 20 miles away.

My biggest concern of buying a Seat was the scarcity and aptitude of the dealers, but I really didn't expect to be needing them so soon.....

Anyone else had a similar problem ??

Distant Sun

Contains mild peril
Sep 9, 2005
I've had the engine management light come on twice now, the first was coil pack failure, the second was the coil again, but this time damp in the connections (according to the dealer). Dealer silicone sealed the coil leads into the cam cover. Both times the car had an associated misfire, though it was intermittent, that is sometimes it would misfire on start-up, sometimes it would run fine, but the warning light would remain on. Car has only done 1100 miles now. Luckily my dealer is only three miles away though.

Just noticed yours is a diesel so coil problems aren't relevant. Sorry :doh:


Tried to contact the dealer today and didn't have much joy (Bank Holiday - service depts all closed). Will try again later in the week.....

By the way - I checked the oil today (just in case). Is it me or it really hard to get an accurate reading of the oil level on the TDi engine ? Every time I pulled the dipstick out the whole thing was covered in oil - making it look as though it was overfilled. When I tried again on a stone cold engine the level was between min and max......


2.0 TDi Sport
Sep 14, 2005
No, its not just you. It is a pain to get an accurate reading of the oil levels in the TDI engine. I rushed out and bought some oil a week after getting mine because the reading looked too low and each time I checked it, it seemed different. I now figure that the car will tell me if the level gets too low and if it does I have some spare in the boot so am not going to bother checking anymore.

First service due now. Getting fed up with the flashing spanner and bong noise every time I start it. Trip computer told me I had 400 miles to go till the service then suddenly decided it needed done now.... :confused:


Finally got around to dropping the car off today to get the engine management light checked. Turns out it needs a new 'intake regulator control valve'. Apparently.

Anyway, part is on order and fitting next week. Could have been worse. Phew....
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