Sep 1, 2020
Just wanted to introduce myself. Just got a 17 Seat Leon FR TDI 184.
I’m looking to do a few modification to sharpen it up without looking too over the top. Mostly used as a daily family car.

things I’m looking at doing soon:
-Paint roof rails from chrome to Matt black
-Black badges all round and black grill
-Paint wheels black or swap out for a black set

mods I’m not sure on but considering:
-Front splitter
-Tinted lights, I’m Thinking darkening the tail lights a little will help give it a sleeker look.
-Remap, heard some pretty decent things about this engine - not after anything crazy just want my moneys worth for the car.

I’ll keep updating this with successes and fails as it may be helpful to others. Any opinions/comments on the above will be helpful.



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