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Help, sub 8 brake pads


Active Member
Aug 7, 2019
Im at a garage and ordered the ferodo brake pads for my cupra but after taking off the wheels we found that the pads are incorrect. Its the Ferodo Ds2500. I have the sub 8 pack with the Brembo brakes. Does anyome know which ones the right pads are such as what the Part number is or a lonk to them please?


Active Member
Mar 10, 2013

Why not put your car details into this for a start?

Do you remember my last reply where I gave you the OEM part numbers?


You can insert them here:


Select make as ‘OE Volkswagen’, and in cross reference use the previous OEM part number. However, the diagram doesn’t look correct as a replacement (but could be wrong). Why not try ringing or emailing them?
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