Hi Everyone, from Belgium !

Aug 14, 2022
Hello everyone!
I'm new here, and about a month ago I bought myself this beauty, a 2017 Seat Ibiza Fr 1.0 tsi 95hp. Am absolutly loving the car!
Very very impressive for a 1.0 TSI I have to say!

I already switched all the interior lights, from that ugly yellow to LED, looks much better now! Also changed the license plate lights to LEDs
005b3d51-f97b-406e-97c0-e2b51fd8a2e6.jpg 36803c77-725a-4e24-8cc6-90c3f3b828a8.jpg

For the exterior I only changed the indicator lights to Black dynamic LEDs
f50babed-c556-423e-98bc-2bf217b2af6b.jpg 33ded5a0-a6ba-4a73-8c8f-41ff46ea8c1a.jpg

What I still want to do:
- Stage 1 tune, looking at around 130hp which would be very nice
- Tint the windows, still hesitating on how dark I want them to be
- Plasti dip the logos black (,maybe the rims too?)
- Custom valve exhaust install (the garage I know just custom builds a custom diffuser with a valve inside)
Aug 14, 2022
Would have loved a Cupra to be honest, just wasn't possible with my budget, and especially since I'm a young driver the insurance would've been crazy
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