Jan 22, 2021
Handing over the keys to my Leon FR 184tdi next week and getting my hands on my first Cupra. Stage 2 MRC tuned including DSG mapping.

Have built a 20VT mk2 Golf GTI with 515bhp in my younger days so looking forward to getting my hands on something juicy again.

Need to check the receipts but after speaking to MRC they think that the below will see the car to 415bhp+

NGK Racing Spark Plugs
APR Coil Packs
Induction Kit (just running a panel filter ATM)

Plan to add a front splitter but other than that and the above I'll be keeping it standard and looking after it with the plans to eventually fit a hybrid turbo and uprated fuelling and an oil cooler. With the governments "eco policy" and green goals I plan on keeping this as my forever car. 11 years ago I sold my Golf GTI and I reckon if I'd have kept it the thing would be of been worth a fortune now.