Ibiza 1.6Tdi, regen,

Feb 8, 2024
Iv had a Ibiza for over a year, constantly regens, when it regens it goes almost limp and juddery, we've tested injectors, we were told they work fine, tested egr, tried to recalulate it and its undriveable, stalls very easily, when we try to recalulate it the oil light comes on so we have to abort it other wise it's a constant cycle. Oil is absolutely fine so 🤷...Any help or advice on fixing it pleasseee.
Feb 1, 2024
Considering the oil light coming on during the recalibration attempts, it could be related to oil pressure or a sensor. I'd recommend having a thorough check on the oil pressure sensor and the associated wiring. If the sensor is sending incorrect signals, it might trigger the oil light and affect the regeneration process.
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