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Jun 18, 2004
hi since ive had my first edition fr a couple of months ago now the phone never connects up every time its iphone 6 in my mk3 it never failed ,im connecting with apple play and even without it . ive tried lots of things making sure everything is switched on the phone ive taken phone off and put in back on system again also car play , the weird thing is if i open drivers door or passenger door it connects every time . ive contacted garage and no updates come up for the system so just waiting to see what they come up with if any when i call in next week ?
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Sounds like an electrical fault although the mib2 standard has had a firmware issue with Android Auto some people upgrading the firmware themselves. Difficult to really know. The length of the power cable can be an issue that connect that way since its a databus like you can't have a USB3 cable for home back up longer than 1 metre - it won't work. Over 1 metre and I found Android Auto failed to connect / disconnected. Back to 1 metre fine, that was a mib2 high.

I think the whizzie iPhone connection without the power cable is only on the top of the range Mib3s (ZN2 build code) which aren't being fitted to the Seat UK cars at the minute... iPhone app connect wireless is what it's called. My research put that outside of what is currently being fitted. ZN1.
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