iPod /USB connection

Sep 28, 2020
Hoping someone out there can help.
Recently purchased a 2009 Leon Cupra which as got the Seat Media System in. I am trying to connect my iPod to the system according to the hand book the iPod adaptor is under the passenger seat, I have looked and nothing is there. There is a unit under the driver's seat but it doesn't look like there is any connections for either the iPod or a USB ( not what it is). I have looked in the glove box with no joy.
Please can someone help me to find this connector.


Active Member
May 26, 2020
Hi mate I don’t think every mk2 had this iPod connect as I tried to the same thing as you and couldn’t find it either. I think if your car has a aux port by the hand brake it won’t have the iPod connection
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