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Just bought an Ibiza Cupra!

Sep 27, 2019
Hello forum !
Just bought an Ibiza Cupra 1.4 2014-15, 82k (km) on the clock and the car is brand new ..one previous owner .. I made a full check at the official dealer and all good .. my question is : I've read all kind of nightmare stories about the twin charged 1.4 like it was made from biscuits !! Is it really worring or just maintain your car do not thrash it and things will be fine ?
Also if there's anything I should look for or give extra attention to ? Any advice or tips are highly appreciated

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@Viktor1 welcome to the forum and you will have a very nice car I am sure.

You will get a better response I suspect if you post this question in the Ibiza MK5 Section (if that is the correct model for your year.) )
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