Keep H&R springs and buy sport shocks or upgrade to coilovers ?


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Jan 21, 2015
Hi, some months ago I bought H&R lowering springs to lower (obviously) my ibiza. While I liked the drop it gave, if it dropped 0.5cm on the front and rear more that would be perfect for me, low and usable for daily driving.

The problem is, as time passed the ride got more crashy and stiff, oem shocks wearing faster since they aren't made for it. Even on the highway depending on how the expansion joint (translator) is seated, when I pass on top of it, it's like I just hit a pothole, sunroof and dash rattles.

Since good coilovers are pretty expensive for me I discovered this brand called DTS which sell them for half the price of the ones from AP for example. I have been reading on many forums and facebook about them and they are okay for the price, the comfort is good they say but none of them have it on a 6J only 6L and leon mk2.

On the other hand there are sport shocks to use with my H&R, I found that Koni Sport or Yellow are specifically made to work with this springs but they are quite expensive more than AP coils.
Some affordable shocks that I found are AP, Lowtec, ST, Vogtland and some other that I can't remember.

Does anyone have experience with this setups ?
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