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Leon Cupra Stage 3, anyone?


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Jul 24, 2016

I bought my Cupra ST new in July 2016 and have been running Revo software since January 2017. Two weeks ago, at 67k KM I unfortunately had a catastrophic engine failure, as the piston in cylinder 2 cracked.

One of my friends own a large garage and commented that everything else looked as new so it had nothing to do with the tuning (they have not done the tuning so they are fully independent), rather they assessed it to be down to an error on that specific piston.

Anyway, having to spend a lot of money on a new engine, turbo etc. (the compression forced the seals out of the engine and as a result all of the engine oil so the turbo has to be changed as well) I have decided to go with a stage 3 Revo setup.

Having to wait around for the next two weeks before all the bits and pieces, the new engine and so on arrives I was wondering if anyone on here is running a Revo stage 3 MK3 Cupra and could share a bit of their experience with it?

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